What are Stolons and Rhizomes? | Everything You Need To Know

Stolons and rhizomes

Understanding the essence, key differences, and similarities between stolons and rhizomes is important for learning how creeping grasses can spread and recover from damage. The factual knowledge between the two can help you make the right decision as to what type of grass you should select for your lawn project. Moreover, understanding the differences and … Read more

How To Make St Augustine Grass Greener – 3 Things You Must Try

make st augustine greener

St Augustine is a popular variety of grass for those wanting a lush, carpet-like lawn in warm climates. It makes for a hardy, drought-resistant lawn that is relatively low maintenance, but St Augustine does thrive and look better in certain conditions than others. Luckily, imitating these conditions for making your St Augustine greener is doable … Read more

Types of Bermuda Grass | The Best Variety for your Lawn

types of bermuda grass

Many lawn owners know about the benefits of growing Bermuda grass, but it can be difficult to know which variety of this grass that will be good for your lawn. However, we’re about to share with you the different types of Bermuda grass that exist so that you can choose the one that best suits … Read more

When to Overseed Bermuda Grass | Best Time & Temperature | How-to

When to overseed bermuda grass

Bermuda grass is a great warm-season turf for those who wish to grow a lush, full lawn that spreads easily. When properly cared for, Bermuda grass will thrive even under heavy foot traffic and hot, dry weather. However, every lawn faces challenges – maybe you went on a long vacation, or had a particularly cold … Read more

How to Get Rid of Bermuda Grass | Easy Steps to Kill Bermuda

How to get rid of bermuda grass

Some types of grass spread more aggressively than others. Bermuda grass is a hardy, heat-tolerant grass that spreads by both rhizomes and stolons. This means that it can spread both above ground and via roots underground, which is terrific if you want a full, lush lawn of Bermuda grass. However, it is not so great … Read more

When to Apply Grub Control | Zones | Preventative or Regular

when to apply grub control

Can’t figure out what is causing those brown patches on your lawn every summer? Consider checking for grubs, one of the main causes of severe lawn damage. Luckily, being a common problem, there is a common solution. Grub control is accessible both as an insecticide and a preventative treatment, and can easily take care of … Read more

Grass that Grows in Sand | Top 5 Sandy Soil Types

Grass that grows in sandy soil

Finding a grass that grows in the sand is not an impossible task but researching is imperative to find the best option for your yard. There are many places around the world where soil contains some portion of sand. There are even some areas where the soil is primarily sand alone. You will most often … Read more