How To Make St Augustine Grass Greener – 3 Things You Must Try

make st augustine greener

St Augustine is a popular variety of grass for those wanting a lush, carpet-like lawn in warm climates. It makes for a hardy, drought-resistant lawn that is relatively low maintenance, but St Augustine does thrive and look better in certain conditions than others. Luckily, imitating these conditions for making your St Augustine greener is doable … Read more

When to Apply Grub Control | Zones | Preventative or Regular

when to apply grub control

Can’t figure out what is causing those brown patches on your lawn every summer? Consider checking for grubs, one of the main causes of severe lawn damage. Luckily, being a common problem, there is a common solution. Grub control is accessible both as an insecticide and a preventative treatment, and can easily take care of … Read more