The mission of GrassLawnsCare is to give you all the information and tools that you need in order to take care of your lawn and get that lush lawn that you’ve been striving for.

Everything that we post on this site is honest opinions and free for everyone to enjoy.

What we are about:

One goal we have is to follow the fundamentals of the KISS (Keep it simple, silly) concept.

Lawn care doesn’t have to be complicated and confusing. We try to keep our articles as simple as possible and at the same time give the readers the maximum value with every post. We do this because want to be able to reach a bigger and not create a big gap for the newcomers to lawn care.

No matter if you are new to lawn care or an expert you’ll be able to follow our tips and get that thick and lush lawn.


Even though ads can be annoying, we need to have them, otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to spend the time it takes to keep this website up-to-date and valuable. Therefore, we hope that you have understanding towards our decision here.

Honest reviews

As mentioned in the beginning, all the information found on this website will be honest opinions by us and any rankings will be made after thoroughly going trough and testing each product or service. Even though we might get an commission by using “affiliate links” we would never let that interfere with our review or opinions.


It is common to see websites promoting some products or services extra much and then it turns out the website was owned by the company or an entity that had an interest in selling these products or sevices.

This is not the case with Grass Lawns Care, we are a sole independent website that only has our focus on providing great content, guides and tips to lawn lovers.

Meet the Team

William Miller

William is the co-founder to the website and takes big pride in his garden and lawn at his summer place close to the coast. In his daily life, when he’s not writing articles and sharing lawn tips he spends most of his time with his family and friends, but most of all.. his lawn.

If you’re lucky you’ll see him in the gym after a long day of writing and gardening, but it’s more common to find him enjoying the sun with a cold beer with his wife and friends.

Contact: William@swgrowth.com

Matthew Smith

Matthew is a entrepreneur with a great passion for gardening and especially in how to create the perfect grass lawn.

Beside that Matthew usually likes to eat healthy and take long runs with his Labrador Retriever.

Some of our team members may use avatars and nicknames for personal privacy 

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