How to Revive St Augustine Grass & Why it died

How to Revive St Augustine Grass

How often do you look at your once beautiful and lush St. Augustine grass and think “what did I do wrong”? You are not the only one. A lot of homeowners are in constant search for ideas on how to revive St Augustine grass. Generally, St. Augustine grass thrives in warm-season and temperate climates. It … Read more

How to Make Bermuda Grass Thicker, Greener & Fuller

How to make bermuda grass thicker

When you look out at your yard, you might be wondering how to make Bermuda grass thicker. You are in luck. This hearty turfgrass grows quickly and can withstand heavy foot traffic. When properly cared for, any damaged areas can recover.  Also known as crabgrass, Bermuda grass can grow where other grasses have slim survival … Read more

Best Shade Tolerant Grass | 5 Grass Types That Grows in Full Shade

The combination of shade and grass can present some challenging problems. These areas are often susceptible to bare spots, thinning, and immature growth. Changing the way shade hits your lawn isn’t always achievable due to other foliage and buildings that block the path of sunlight. The best way to tackle the effects of shading is … Read more