6 Best Fertilizer for St Augustine Grass | Greener & Lusher Lawn

best fertilizers for st. augustine

Looking for the very best fertilizer to keep your lawn of St Augustine grass green and lush? Read along in this article that will outline all you need to know when looking for a fertilizer for St. Augustine, along with a list and evaluation of the top 6 fertilizers suited for your lawn. St. Augustine … Read more

Grass that Grows in Sand | Top 5 Sandy Soil Types

Grass that grows in sandy soil

Finding a grass that grows in the sand is not an impossible task but researching is imperative to find the best option for your yard. There are many places around the world where soil contains some portion of sand. There are even some areas where the soil is primarily sand alone. You will most often … Read more

How to Revive St Augustine Grass & Why it died

How to Revive St Augustine Grass

How often do you look at your once beautiful and lush St. Augustine grass and think “what did I do wrong”? You are not the only one. A lot of homeowners are in constant search for ideas on how to revive St Augustine grass. Generally, St. Augustine grass thrives in warm-season and temperate climates. It … Read more