Best Tree Swing – For Adults & Kids

Tree swings are a favorite lawn addition whether you have kids or for adults that want to start spending more time outside. This will add a nice touch to your lawn background and improve the look of your backyard tree. You can choose between different types of tree swings these days, saucer, web and platform and we’ll cover the best tree swing for your backyard.

If you’re searching for the best tree swing, you’re in the right place. While choosing the best tree swing depends on certain factors, including safety and material, options like Platform tree swings and Saucer tree swings make the ideal choices. They are great for both kids and adults and can enhance your home’s exterior appeal.

Remember that swinging itself is a good and mental physical activity for everyone as it helps relax all your muscles. That is why you’ll find the best tree swing for adults and kids here. With so many designs and choices when it comes to buying the best tree swing, it can get a bit confusing when you set out to buy one. After going through and testing hundreds of swings, here are the top-rated tree swings that we recommend buying.

TOP 5 – Best Tree Swing

So you’re done with the best lime treatment for the lawn, and it’s in perfect shape to make further addition, it is time to choose the best trees swings.

As mentioned above, tree swings don’t have an age limit; both children and adults can enjoy them. When buying a tree swing, make sure you’re aware of who’s going to use it the most so that they are comfortable in it while swinging.

Mentioned below are the top-rated tree swings that you must definitely consider buying.

1. Traditional Wooden Swing

Traditional Wooden Swing - the best tree swing

Why is this the best tree swing?

  • Made of environmental friendly material
  • Easy to install
  • Durable & Safe
  • Ergonomic shape


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“Amazon’s Choice”

If you want that vintage and memorable feel in your tree swing, a traditional wooden swing would be the ideal choice for you. This old-school wooden swing incorporates the design and texture of rope and wood.

Plus, you can easily tie this to your tree in the backyard or wherever. The swing seat is made from pinewood, has a nice paintable and natural finish, and it measures 19.73” by 9.8” inch.

The swing comes with polyethylene ropes, and you can easily adjust them from 1.6m – 2.6m.

Additionally, When you buy the swing, it will include a proper wooden seat with polyethylene ropes. If you’re looking for the best tree swing either for kids or adults, this is the best one to get as it is the perfect upgrade for a child from a bucket or baby swing set. This is also the best tree swing for adults.

2. Platform Tree Swing

platform tree swing

Key Features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong and quality textile in order to carry multiple users
  • Durable ropes for multiple users


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You can go for a bigger tree swing that will accommodate more people at one time. The best tree swing for multiple users that gives you more space is a platform tree swing.

This tree swing has a frame measure of 60” by 32” inches and has a safe oxford fabric cover that connects directly to the ropes using steel eye bolts.

Moreover, you also have the option to adjust the polyethylene ropes. This platform swing is super safe for adults and kids as it has a stainless steel carabineer and 5-foot tree straps that safely attach to any tree branch.

Plus, when fixing the swing on a tree branch, you have to make sure you’re going for a big tree branch that measures at least 10 inches in diameter or greater. By choosing the right tree branch size, people can safely swing on the platform swing at the full capacity weight.

Keep in mind that the weight capacity in this swing allows two adults and five children. Making it top the top 2 best tree swing for both adults and children. The seating of the swing is also quite comfortable as it includes high Textilene material, and it is also water and UV resistant.

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Consequently, you don’t have to worry about the seat getting bad in the heat.

3. Saucer Tree Swing

saucer tree swing

Key Features:

  • Braided durable ropes
  • Good pricing
  • Holds 660lb


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The best Saucer tree swing is this certified swing by The PACEARTH. Saucer swings are a child’s best friend. It is quite fun as two kids can swing it at one time to enjoy the beautiful view.

This saucer tree swing model is safe for at least two kids as it features strong multiple-strand braided rope.

Consequently, the capacity of this saucer tree swing is 660lb. Once you buy the kit, you get locking carabiners that help hang the swing and nylon webbing straps.

Ideally, the round saucer platform is around 40 inches, which is large enough for an adult to fit in along with a small child. It’s not very difficult to fix this swing, especially with the adjustable ropes that have a maximum length of around 70 inches.

Make sure the branch you choose to hang it on meets the size of the swing and ropes. It is best to go for a branch that has an 8- to -10 inch diameter.

Other than the specifics of the swing, it is quite eye-catching in appearance as there are a lot of colors because of the colorful design. You can also opt for a rainbow-themed saucer tree swing, as that would look incredibly cute, and your children would love swinging it on it daily.

4. Web Tree Swings

best web tree swing

Key Features:

  • Fits four children
  • Automatic 1 year warranty
  • Arrives fully assembled


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Web tree swings are quite popular and very easy to maintain. The small spaces in a web swing are beneficial because they allow dirt and debris to fall off, unlike other swings that don’t have gaps.

Hence, you won’t have to spend much time cleaning every day. If you’re in search of the best web tree swing, then you must check out this one by Play Platoon.

This web tree swing arrives in a properly assembled way, so all you have to do is hang the swing on a suitable branch. You won’t have to spend any time fixing or adjusting certain parts of the swing.

Despite the unique design, web swings are very comfortable to sit on. The swing is strong enough to hold around 600 pounds, so at least three children can sit comfortably and swing away. The materials used for the seating of this swing are quite comfortable and will allow your children to swing for hours without getting tired.

Furthermore, you can adjust the web swing however you like, as the length of the ripe is about 68 inches. This means you can customize the fit according to your tree branch. The best part about this tree swing is that it is quite long-lasting. This is due to the extra thick ropes that come in the kit.

So you don’t have to worry about buying a new tree swing anytime soon, as this will last you a good while.

5. Surfing Swing

surfing swing

Most Fun Tree Swing!

  • Great for active play
  • Easy installation
  • Unique design


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You can easily adjust the swing according to the rider’s height. Preferably it is best to allow only children above the age of 6 to use this swing. The swing can take up a maximum weight of 600 pounds.

This swing also comes with two wooden handles and double-braided rope that are mild dew and UV resistant. The best part about this swing is that both children and adults can use it, and it comes with a good grip for both.

The design of this surfer swing is quite eye-catching and innovative as well. It won’t take you much time to install it, especially with the easy instructions that will come with the kit. Make sure you attach the swing to a robust and suitable tree branch. Once you get the taste of this tree swing, you would never want to let go of it.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Tree Swing

When buying the best tree swing, you have to keep a few things in mind. Tree swings are a good investment, whether you’re buying them for children or adults. You have to make sure these are of the best quality and are sturdy enough, so no one falls.

With so many tree swings out there, it can get a bit confusing and overwhelming when choosing a specific one. To help you out, mentioned below are a few pointers that will help you chose the best tree swing:

The Materials

There are different types of materials used to make a specific tree swing. The comfort and durability of a tree swing rely solely on the materials used. Hence, it is very important to keep a check on this. The most common type of material used to make tree swings is wood. If you opt for a traditional swing, you will usually find a wooden plank seat.

This gives sturdy support and a pleasing aesthetic. If you want to go for a swing with a modern style, then heavy-duty plastic construction is your best bet. These are perfect for lasting in extreme weather conditions and are also UV resistant.

Many people may find plastic a dangerous material, but the type used in swings is EVA plastic, which is usually BPA-free and safe to use. Hence, it is safe for your kids to use.

Besides this, you must also keep a lookout for the rope material. It is best to go for polyester rope as it doesn’t stretch and is very strong. The rope should be thin enough so that you could hold it easily. While metal chains may be stronger, they do cause pinching in the finger, so it is best to avoid these.

The Safety of the Tree Swing

When buying tree swings for a child or adult, you have to make sure that it is safe to use and doesn’t cause any unnecessary accidents. Injuries, such as broken bones and sprained fingers, are very common. You have to avoid these by buying a tree swing that comes with proper safety.

To make sure the tree swing is safe enough to buy, you must take a few things into consideration.

·         Safe Anchoring System

Make sure there is a safe anchoring system. This is very important when it comes to attaching the swing to the tree branch. You must go for straps made from the web as these are stronger than the ones made from bolts or ropes. The webbing straps prevent the branch from abrasion and will not require you to drill a hole into the wood.

·         Rope and Chain Length

The rope and chain length are also something you should keep in mind as you have to tie a proper knot that runs below the swing seat and the branch. You could always calculate the length of the rope by multiplying the branch height by 2 and add 12 feet which are around 4 yards. This will help you get the proper rope length. When buying a chain, make sure it is stronger than the rope as you have to fasten it to an anchor system. 

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·         Seat of the Swing

The seat of the swing is an important feature that must be safe enough to use for both adults and kids. If you plan on buying the best swings for kids, then go for a harness-styles one. This gives proper support to the torso and shoulders.

·         Safe Location

Once you’ve purchased the best tree swing, you must make sure you choose a safe location to put it up. You will have to select a branch that is healthy and strong enough to take the weight of the tree swing. You must also see the landing zone as it should be free of any hazards, stones, and branches. It is best to put it in an area with more grass, so in case you fall, you don’t get hurt badly.

User Capacity

It is important to take note of who will be using the tree swing often. This way, you can buy an appropriate tree swing. Most tree swings come with a specific weight limit. Some also allow more than one person to sit. So depending on this, you must select the right tree swing. If you want to go for a multi-person swing, choose one with a weight capacity of 100 to 750 pounds.

This means you can have around three adults and two children on the swing. If you’re persistent on getting a traditional wooden plank swing, you should be aware that only one person can sit on it and has a maximum weight of 200 and 250 pounds. 

If you want to get a tree swing that suits a baby’s weight, bucket swings are perfect as they allow 50 to 60 pounds, while other baby swings allow 20 -30 pounds. As you can see, there are different weight limits for each type of tree swing. Make sure you take all of this into consideration so that you end up buying the perfect tree swing.

The Different Types of Tree Swings

There are multiple types of tree swings out there. You should be aware of all of them so that you buy the perfect one that suits your swinging needs and your child’s. Mentioned below are the different types of tree swings:

Multi-Person Tree Swings

Multi-person tree swings allow more than one person to swing together. These swings are supported by a double or even a single rope system, depending on which model you go for.

The best types of multi-person swings are saucer swings. These are big enough for multiple people to sit on and make way for a different range of motions.

Rope Tree Swing

Rope Tree Swing

Rope swings are made from a single length of rope. When using this type of tree swing, you need a lot of motion and strength. These tree swings are perfect for children above the age of 10.

Traditional Tree Swings

Traditional Tree Swings

Traditional tree swings are the most common ones, perfect for both children and adults. These swings come with two ropes or chains and are attached to a wooden plank board seat.

Standing Tree Swings

Standing Tree Swings

While this type of tree swing may seem dangerous, they are actually a lot of fun, especially for children. Some standing swings come with double ropes and some with a single. These swings are perfect for children, and you should definitely consider buying one if your child is a little older and adventurous.

The Takeaway

All in all, now that you have come across some of the best tree swings in front of you, it’s time to start deciding on which one to buy. If you have a lovely backyard or empty space, a tree swing would be the perfect addition. It encourages children to engage in outdoor activities and is great for adults to have a good time. So start going through all of the different swings and choose the best one!